Garage Door Repair Company Allendale NJ

3 Things to Look For When Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company in Allendale NJ


Anytime you have to get work done to your home, it’s always an investment of time and money. That being said, it’s generally a wise decision to do a bit of research, particularly if you are getting garage door repair, as a bad job on garage door installation could result in injury or death. Read on to learn three things you should look out for when hiring a garage door repair company in Allendale, NJ.



Any professional business you would like to hire should be easily searchable on Google. Check to see if the garage door repair company you would like to hire has a website. The website doesn’t need to be super spectacular, but it is important that they have one. It should clearly list their services in detail. Do they do garage door installation only? Do they do garage door maintenance, or other garage door repair services? They should also have an actual physical address. If they don’t, this is a huge red flag that they may not be as professional as they claim. Lastly, do a search on Google for reviews and testimonials.



One of the easiest ways to determine if a garage door company is on the up and up, is to take note of their customer service. How long do they take to return phone calls and emails? Are they forth coming about information, or does it seem like they get irritated when you ask too many questions? A company that seems to get annoyed when you ask questions is likely probably hiding something or is very inexperienced. At Edward’s Garage Doors, we believe that our customer’s needs should always come first. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and always provide a clear channel for communication.



Some red flags may be obvious like bad reviews. But other red flags aren’t quite as obvious to a homeowner. Does the garage door repair company you would like to work with have multiple advertisements on sites like Craigslist or other websites? While this may seem like a simple marketing tactic, it’s actually a pretty big warning sign. Every garage door repair company should advertise, but when there are multiple ads every day popping up, this shows that they are having a hard time generating business. It could be because they provide really bad work, or they are trying to recoup their company costs by inflating their prices. Also, if the company has multiple names, phone lines, etc., it could be that they are avoiding someone, so this is a good indication not to go forward with working with them.


All in all, it’s your best line of defense to go with your gut feeling when it comes to hiring a garage door repair company. Are you looking for a reliable, professional garage door repair in Allendale, NJ? Edward’s Garage Doors is an established and preferred garage door repair company, who has been successfully doing garage door repair for over 20 years. No job is too big or small. To schedule an appointment, or for more information, give us a call at 201-670-4004 or We look forward to servicing you today.