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5 Signs That Your Home Is In Need of
Garage Door Repair Glen Rock NJ Home

Having your own home is wonderful. But in order to make sure your house stays in top shape, it needs regular maintenance. Oftentimes, homeowners will only focus on the interior of the home. The garage door usually goes unnoticed until there’s something terribly wrong. It’s really important that you perform regular monthly inspections to ensure that your door still functions as it should, and that it’s safe. Following are 5 signs that will let you know that your home is in need of garage door repair Glen Rock NJ.

  1. Garage Door Cables Look Broken

If you’re garage door needs repair, it may be because you have a broken garage door spring. People sometimes believe that cables are broken because when they do finally notice them, they’ve fallen to the ground. Cables can sometimes go rogue and do their own thing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re broken. The reason for this is because the torsion springs are what actually keeps the cables on tight. So you need to look to the springs themselves to determine if there is a problem.

  1. There’s A Gap In Between The Springs

Torsion springs can grow 2 inches, when they are wound up. This happens as a result of compression, so the metal needs to find a place to go. Once the spring becomes wound up, the cone will clamp down on to the torsion shaft, causing it to turn the drums. As the door goes up, it winds the cables. Because the end of the springs are set into place on a shaft, a two-inch gap emerges whenever the springs break. So if you see a two-inch gap, that’s a clear indication that it’s time for garage door repair.

  1. Garage Door Response Time Changes

It may be time for garage door installation if the response time of your garage door changes. There are two key things you need to look out for. You’ll need to observe how long it takes for your garage door to respond to commands. It should begin to open or close within one to two seconds after you have pressed the opener. If you observe a delay, there could be something wrong. Conversely, if the garage door closes too fast, it may be time for garage door repair.

  1. The Garage Door is Noisy

All garage doors will make some sort of noise when they open and close, particularly if they’re old. However, if you notice that the noise is excessive and it sounds like straining or creaking, then you may need to repair your garage door. The loud noise could be an indication that there’s a broken spring, or an issue with the opener itself.

  1. Your Energy Bill Goes Up

The energy bill skyrocketing is a major sign that it’s time for garage door repair, but it often goes undetected. Homeowners don’t know that they can drastically reduce their energy bill, simply by replacing their garage door. If your door is old, and you’ve been experiencing some of the other signs listed above, along with your energy bill increasing, it may be time for garage door installation.

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