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How to Find A Reputable Garage Door Repair Company in
Wyckoff NJ, Midland Park NJ or Franklin Lakes NJ

Choosing a garage door repair company should be a simple task, however many people in Wyckoff, Midland Park and Franklin Lakes, New Jersey have reported complaints about working with garage door repair companies that have charged too much money, performed unneeded repairs, did poor repair work, or were dishonest or questionable in some way. So how can you find a reliable, affordable and diligent garage door repair company in New Jersey? Following, find a few helpful tips to finding a garage door repair company that will repair your garage door efficiently, for a reasonable price:

  1. Get more than one bid – You may be in a hurry to repair your garage door, but you may not be in a hurry to spend more than $500-$1500 doing it. Getting multiple bids is the best way to avoid a scam as well as helps a customer find a good price. You can bid different company’s over the phone. Make sure that when the repair person arrives that they understand that if there is an increase in the bid, that you need to agree to it before the project is started.
  1. Look for a long-established garage door repair company – A company that has been providing garage door repair service for numerous years, is more likely to do good and reliable work.
  1. Search for a garage door repair company with positive reviews – As with any business or product, you can read reviews by previous customers to get an idea of what people like or dislike about a company. A company with no reviews might be a bad sign. Reviews can be found on the company’s website or on Yelp or social media. You can also ask the company for a referral. A company that does good, quality work should have some past customers that they feel comfortable having you speak to.
  1. Be wary of a company that answers their phones generically – A company should be able to tell you their name when you call in for repair service. If a company answers the phone “garage door repair” instead of with the company name, this could be a company that is acting under numerous names because they have received negative reviews. Any company you call should be able to answer you when you ask “what company is this?”.
  2. Check the company’s street address – Some (but not all) rip-off companies work with 1) just a cell phone, 2) heavy advertising and 3) a pick up truck but no storefront or home base. Check the garage door repair business to see if they have a physical address. A physical address doesn’t prove good work but it does imply that the company is an established business.

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