Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance is often overlooked by homeowners but is important to do regularly. Edward’s Garage Doors provides a comprehensive and thorough maintenance service to homes throughout Bergen County.

With more than two decades of experience, Edward’s Garage Doors, will inspect your garage doors to identify any areas of concern and give you a free estimate for any repairs. A family owned and operated business, Edward’s Garage Doors is fully insured and licensed to serve northern New Jersey. We fully guarantee all of our work and want you to be satisfied.

Maintaining the mechanisms and equipment is essential for keeping your garage door working well, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones, and preventing costly repairs by spotting problems before the get out of hand. Garage door systems have many moving parts. If they wear out or break, they can create dangerous situations for anyone in or near the garage opening. Maintaining this complex system should be a part of your regular home care to-do list.

The fully-trained staff at Edwards Garage Doors will complete a full range of garage door maintenance items, starting with a visual inspection of the garage doors themselves, springs, rollers, cables, pulleys and mounting hardware for any obvious signs of damage or excessive wear. We pay close attention to the parts most likely to wear, based on the system you have installed and the materials used. We service a full range of garage door and garage door opener models. Our maintenance service includes a number of items, including:

Door Appearance                                                                      

Depending on the material used for your garage door, everyday wear and tear can cause a problem. Technicians from Edwards Garage Doors thoroughly examine your door to look for any signs of damage. On a wood door, this might be warping or peeling paint. On a steel door, rust spots may need to be sanded down and restored with primer and paint.


We will make sure your garage door can open easily, smoothly and remains open when it’s disconnected from the automatic opener system. An unbalanced door is very dangerous, especially during a power outage if you need to manually open your garage door.

Automatic Reversing

As of 1993, federal law states that all door opener systems must include an automatic reverse photo eye or edge sensor. Edwards Garage Doors will inspect the edge sensors or photo eye to make sure the garage door will open when it encounters an object in the door opening.

Force Settings

As part of the automatic reverse system testing, we’ll test the garage door’s force settings and adjust it if necessary.


Edward’s Garage Doors will use the proper lubricant to keep everything running smoothly, including the rollers (metal or nylon), hinges and tracks. Different parts require different lubricants. Keeping these parts well lubricated can add years to your garage door’s lifespan.


We examine torsion and extension springs to confirm they are still well connected and tight and can make any adjustments that might be needed. Springs can also dry out and need to be lightly lubricated.


The high-tension cables lift your door and if they break, can cause serious injury. Edwards Garage Door’s technicians look for signs of wear close to the bottom roller bracket and broken or frayed strands.


Whether they’re made of nylon or metal, rollers will wear out. We’ll inspect your rollers for signs of wear, chips, or cracks.

Older Doors

You may have a door that’s been in place for years, before many of the modern safety features and advances existed. Edwards Garage Doors can recommend additions to your garage door and garage door opener to modernize your system.


We make sure the tracks on your garage door are straight and free of any debris that can stall or damage your system.


Garage doors create a lot of vibration. Edwards Garage Door’s maintenance service makes sure that all the bolts and roller brackets are tightened.

Weather Stripping

Rubber weather stripping that is put in place to keep out the elements, can become cracked or brittle. The technicians at Edwards Garage Doors will check the weather stripping on your garage door to ensure that it is intact and doing it’s job.

After a technician from Edwards Garage Doors has completed all the garage door maintenance checks and any necessary repairs, we will test your garage doors to make sure they’re running properly. The garage door is likely the largest moving part in your home and the largest facade on your home’s exterior. Edward’s Garage Doors will identify issues before they become dangerous or expensive problems.

Edward’s Garage Doors proudly serves Bergen County

We’re centrally located, making it easy to access towns throughout northern New Jersey. Our service area includes Allendale, Fair Lawn, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Ho-Ho-Kus, Mahwah, Midland Park, Oakland, Paramus, Park Ridge, Pompton Lakes, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Waldwick, Wayne, Wyckoff, and Westwood.